Assisted Living
Golden Star Residential Care Home
Rio Vista, California

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Facility Information

Golden Star Home is a residential care facility [RCFE] for the elderly and similar population. The facility is strategically located at 672 Rubier Way, Rio Vista, CA 94571. The telephone number is (707) 374-4087. It is a one level, four bedrooms, two bathrooms residence with manicured front and back lawns in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood.

The facility, under the management of Estrella Valendo, includes able and qualified direct support staff and seeks to offer maximum quality care and guidance to residents.

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Golden Star Home submits to the humanist statement of the importance of the human being irrespective of race, color, age, educational attainment, political affiliation, religious belief, economic state, physical endowment, social status or sex.

We take care of the elderly who are 60 and over, have the right to avail of a variety of services and help them maximize their full potential in everyday living. The facility is being operated to make residents happy and provides opportunities that create living conditions representative of warmth and a stable family atmosphere. Its very purpose is to ensure that the individual resident is provided with appropriate care and supervision within the least restricted environment necessary for their overall protection and safety. All residents are treated with respect and dignity. Golden Star Home is a "Client First Facility".