Assisted Living
Golden Star Residential Care Home
Rio Vista, California

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I'm in the healthcare profession. Can you keep me informed about your bed availability?

A. Yes, you can subscribe to our Bed Availability Report here.

Q. Do you provide transportation, e.g. to a medical center or to the shops?

A. Yes, if it's within Rio Vista or a 20 mile radius. We can arrange transportation to facilities that are further away.

Q. Do you provide Respite (Temporary) Care?

A. Yes, we can care for your loved one at your or their home. Details

Q. What happens if there's an emergency?

A. We keep contact information on file. We'll call 911, if necessary and will then call the contacts to discuss the situation and to keep them informed. We have an emergency plan for coping with fire, earthquake and other problems. Incidentally, Rio Vista is not classed as an area at high risk from earthquakes. We're also on high ground, not prone to flooding.

Q. How many residents are there?

A. The exact number fluctuates over time, but the Rio Vista facility can provide for a maximum of six residents at a time.

Q. Can you prepare meals for residents with special dietary needs, e.g. vegetarian?

A. Yes. We will discuss dietary requirements with you and the resident.

Q. Do you accept people with disabilities?

A. Yes. Our entry requirements are described in the Program Description.

Q. My loved one is very forgetful. Can you take care of petty cash on behalf of them?

A. Yes. We keep a ledger and receipts for purchases. You can provide some cash in advance and set a budget for your loved one, e.g. for personal magazines, hairdressing, cosmetics and other toiletries.

Q. Do you allow smoking in the house?

A. No, smoking in enclosed premises is illegal in all places of employment in California, which therefore includes our facility. It's also strongly discouraged by our residents' Doctors and it's a fire risk. However, the weather in Rio Vista is mild most of the year, so smoking outdoors is not a problem.

Q. Do you allow pets in the house?

A. Pets have been proven to be good for the general well-being of elderly people. We consider each case carefully. Loose pets could be dangerous to the elderly residents, potentially causing them to lose balance. Some pets may trigger allergies. However, we currently have a rabbit (named Roger) who is cared for by a resident and everybody loves him.

Q. Where can I find more information about the regulations governing residential care facilities?

A. Residential care facilities in California are licensed and monitored by the Community Care Licensing Division. We have provided links to their and other informative sites in our Resources area. Our facility number is 486801846.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. Fees are due on the first of each month. They should be in the form of a check, cash or an automated bank transfer.

Q. What are your visiting hours?

A. In general, for the comfort of the residents, we'd prefer visitors to come between the hours of 8am and 8pm, but there are no set hours for family members.

Q. How far are you from my house/location?

A. You can use the Maps page to get directions. There's a map of places within 30 to 40 minutes drive in our Area Served section.

Q. Do I need a Physician's Report?

A. Yes, you can find the form in the Resources area. The entry requirements are described in the Program Description.

Q. Do you have an application form?

A. Yes, it's in our Contact Us section.